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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holy Week

Hello there! ^^

Since Sarawak's election was over and comes holy week as the Christians are in the final week of lent. I just dont want to talk about the election things because I bet everyone can get to know about it everywhere. Am I right?

So lets prepare our self for this holy week. Just leave aside what we always do for this 4 holy days...and it starts today...

Today is not an ordinary Thursday because we are celebrating the Maundy Thursday. For our church we will have a mass at 6pm and what makes it differs than the previous years is that I get to experience washing people's feet. I did some online readings to help me understand and here is one of the link that is simple yet meaning full. -> 


Why not spent some time to pray, and make reflections...let us grow spiritually and have faith in HIM. Amen.

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step.on.top said...

hoyyyy! berkulat nunggu nya tok apdet blog! grrrrr sabar. sabar. holy week..sabar. sabar...