Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, December 5, 2009

before - now - whats next??

Holidays..nothing to do so im going through my old dusty frienster profile..n it funny to read back wut i did for my profile...n i get this for ABOUT ME section :

Im not pure Kenyah,not pure bidayuh too.im just the perfect blend of it. Im the lil one in my family,not petite,just the last one to be born. Hates cats. Yup its cutie lil animals but I just not interested into it. Dun BLAME me! Im looking for Yakuza Moon:Memoirs of a Gangster's Daughter by Shoko Tendo novel. I wane have my own tatoo but scare of the pain.huhu Im confused of what is my favorite colour. Hrmm...pink is feminine,green is cheerful,blue relaxing,how bout rainbow colours? to be fair to all. The best worst things happen to me is when im able to overcome the fearness and being confident of myself. I do believe that imperfect is the real perfect coz it complete each other. For me, it's not so much of what we do, but how it's done. And I think humour is romantic. Sense of humour is the biggest thing for me. I really like to laugh,so the guy has to be really witty with a dry sense of humour. Not the practical jokers though. It annoys me! That's what I think of for a date. I also like open-minded person and simply hate judgemental one. I wonder why people have to be paranoid about someone else...it really annoys me! I talk a lot, I ask a lot, I'm juz curious~~~

ahahaa!! this is what i did when in the the midst of teenage ages.. malu malu but i did it! ehehees
Editted version of dat above :
1. im not looking for that novel anymore..*sikpat jumpa,frust ku*
2. i dun wanna have tatoo coz its damn so NOT ME things..ehehe biasalah time remaja remaji lok asa cool jak mun da tatoo p nway it does looks nice to people who really into it..think wise before u guys plan to haf one. ouch!

i remember at that moment, people were busy updating thier friendster profile n one thing that i remember, a person told me " the more friends you have, the more people knows you" .. and when i saw this person profile, sHe-*coz i cannot mention either she or he, secret never tells* got 1000++ friends..gila ka apa! apuuuuuuu nang gila glamer! 

recently people prefer facebook, twitter and the list goes on and what can i say, beware of ur details because stalker are always there to view ur windows of life with this new technology..k time to sleep. sunday -->church..zZzzzzzzzz

im back! *see my footprint here*

whoaaa its been quiet long since i didnt blogging..huhu soory peeps
coz i did this just to fill in the emptiness and there are times where i feel like wanna share things with u.
i know my blog is not the most outstanding,bling bling, updated everyday and even the layout i myself feels sick looking at it, but what im going to say is that i love to share, yes! dats the words to share what goes in my mind while going through the day..perhaps i might find something that in a package to reformat my blog to make it more funky grooooovy or or makes it looks bit matured..eheheee *grin*

am i talking crap here?? NO! coz u are reading this untill i pinch on this lil button to say full stop.